The Cuvée Gallery

Kolbingen, where the barrels are let mature, is located on the swabian alps 850 meters above sea level. In winter the temperature can go below 20 dgs minus and the summers up to 34 dgs. As the barrels are all stored above ground this temperature difference is ideal for a fast and thorough maturation. Note the alps in the background.

Most of our barrels have a top bung and are stored upright and not completely filled so that oxidation and esterfication can occur in larger volumes. Every month they are measured for alcohol content and evaporation. Samples are also taken from which the aroma, colour and taste are evaluated and compared to the original An Crann Darach blend.

After the rums are blended down to 42 % alc vol they are left to lie in large glass demijohns with a partially closed top so they can “breath” for a while before being bottled

All bottles are hand filled directly from the demijohns.  Afterwards, they are corked and brought in wooden boxes to quality control where they are checked according to our testing plan. 

Our batches are normally not more than 100 bottles. Here are some filled bottles waiting to be labeled.