A fine example of elegant Italian glass designed and produced in Milan. 
To ensure an optimal and stable climate surrounding the bottle it is stored
in a handcrafted wooden box especially made for this purpose.


For the rum to retain its characteristics after being opened it is important to create a stable and consistent climate around the bottle.  In comparison to metal and cardboard wood  maintains a more constant climate with significantly less fluctuation during a  high or low temperature change. 
Beech is a hard type of wood and because of its strength and durability it was the Ideal material. 

The box is handmade by a regional carpenter in Northern Italy and using only the finest grade of italian wood created it especially for An Crann Darach.  After being assembled each individual box is sanded, varnished and hand labeled with a metal etikette.  

On The Bottle label there is various information describing the most important aspects of the final Maturation:

Final Barrel: ___  the date in which the rum was poured into the Irish whiskey barrel.

Barrel No. ___ From ___:   each barrel receives a number so we can trace the particular barrel used and also the number of barrels  in the series.

Bottle No. ___ From ___: This is the number each bottle receives in succession after bottling and the amount of bottles in that particular batch.

Barrel size ___:  here is information regarding the size of the barrel ..  The most common barrel size we use is the Tierce with 160 Liters.

Batch No ___  bottling is quite time consuming as all our bottles are hand filled, it takes time before a barrel is fully emptied and each time we bottle from a barrel it gets a particular number.   

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