T. Steinbach, Germany  
Unique and very smooth. A premium rum that I enjoy drinking straight. 


J. Müller,  Germany 
At the trade fair nuremberg I was persuaded by Mr O’Brien to try this rum. As I am a whiskey drinker it was not an easy task but eventually after an enjoyable discussion I gave him the benefit of the doubt and took a glass.  A Festival of tobacco and wood to the nose. It is well rounded and very smooth and has a old warming whiskey note in the aftertaste.  I didn’t expect it to be so complex but it is and has won my loyalty as an ex-only-whiskey-drinker. 


R. Emmerling, Germany
Is it rum or whiskey? Or a hybrid? A full rum taste with the perfect whiskey finish. Very unique!


J. Hipp, Austria 
Extremely unique and very different from your usual rum style. It’s dry yet Full bodied and layered with well balanced flavors of leather, earth, oak and a light shade of dark raisins.  I bought two bottles one to enjoy and the other as an investment. 


D. Beckel, Germany
Fantastic rum,  I wasn’t a rum drinker until I tried this one.


J. Selfrige, USA
I have been a rum enthusiast for the past 25 years and can only say this rum is exceptional.  It is proof that the small artisan producers with their innovative approaches once again add another superlative onto such a diversified spirit


B. Cotton, Ireland
A superb sipping rum with a unique and complex character.